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Who we are?

Corporate Wellbeing is a leading training, consulting and coaching company based in Singapore. We were founded in 2013 by Bhali Gill an Organisational Psychologist, Coach and Trainer. Becoming registered and practising as a Psychologist in Australia and Singapore since 2010 she found herself developing a strong passion for helping others reach and exceed their potential. She also noticed that whilst many organisations were progressing financially, workers seemed more stressed, less focused and unhappy about work than ever before. She decided that she would make it her business to help people and organisations develop strategies on mental and emotional wellbeing so that they could experience a greater sense of wholeness at work and excel in the work they do.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Check Out Our Testimonials

“ Bhali is a wonderful executive and career coach, and she is really dedicated and passionate in helping her clients to achieve their goals. Having just been appointed for a new role and going through vast changes in my working environment at that time, I was glad that Bhali was able to guide me in adopting a variety of techniques and approaches to overcome these challenges. Quite frankly I was often pleasantly surprised by the many new insights on myself and my surroundings, which Bhali helped me to unveil in the coaching sessions with her. I will gladly recommend Bhali as a coach for executives.”

Feby Nurdiana (Unilever)

"Bhali introduced us to some excellent interactive and thought provoking exercises to help us change our emotional mind set and also gave us a powerful session on a mindfulness technique. You could feel the air of calmness and tranquillity in the room after everyone had been taken through the mindfulness exercise and it was simply amazing the difference we all felt and knew we could use this in our every day lives to de-stress and live a healthier life. I highly recommend Bhali as a speaker for conferences, a trainer for workshops and coach."

Sue France (S&S in2training)

I have attended several of Bhali’s workshops, they’re well presented, fun, and full of practical tips that can be easily applied. What I enjoy most about her workshops is that it is broken down into exercises and then culminates into the main activity, making it more impactful. For example, her vision board workshop has affected me immensely. 5 days before Christmas in 2016, I was knocked down then had my foot run over by a maxi cab, leaving me unable to walk properly for almost half of 2017. The lifestyle changes that accompanied being not so mobile, in constant pain and gaining weight really took a tool on my confidence. At her vision board workshop, we were guided through visualisation exercises, to feel as though we already have what want etc, before committing our goals to our boards. I’m proud to say that nearly ¾ of what is on my vision board has come true.I’m back to social dancing, am able to carry weights now and I’ve lost at least 6 kgs since Sept and the weight is still going down!  What amazes me is that I never thought all these would manifest at the time, so I am very surprised by the effectiveness of her still going down! What amazes me is that I never thought all these would manifest at the time, so I am very surprised by the effectiveness of her workshops.

Melanie Hendricks (Secretariat Executive at MCYS)

Meet our Founder!


Bhali Gill

Bhali Gill is an Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Trainer and Founder of Corporate Wellbeing. She is a registered psychologist with both the Psychology Board of Australia and Singapore Psychological Society. She holds a BA with honours, and an MPsych (Org) from National University of Singapore and Murdoch University. Originating from Singapore she has since resided in several countries including London and most recently Australia.

Bhali has worked with companies such such as IBM, Sibelco, Perth Airport, Staples, Murdoch University, Douglas Hanley Moir, Abbott, Unilever and many more.

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