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5 Simple Ways to Stay Happy at Work in 2016

1. Connect at work – Workers who have strong social connections (friendships) with their co-workers are found to be more productive, more passionate about their work and less likely to quit.

How: Spend some time getting to know your colleagues at work through lunches, sporting activities or even participate in social activities within your organisation.

2. Be grateful – People who are grateful are much more optimistic, goal directed, have fewer visits to the doctor and exercised more. Gratitude has also been linked to happiness as well as better financial decision making and problem solving skills.

How: Keep a ‘gratitude’ journal and list two things you are grateful for at work everyday. At the end of the week read through all the things you are grateful for.

3. Practice mindfulness – The practise of mindfulness at work can help to reduce physical pain, reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. It can also lead to high quality interactions and decisions at work.

How: Put a timer for 5 minutes, close your eyes and notice your breath as you breathe in and out. Start with a 5 minutes session before work and one after lunch or when you feel overwhelmed.

4. Get enough sleep - Not getting enough sleep can impair cognitive performance (thinking) and motor performance (movement behaviour). It has also recently been found to effect ones ability to manage emotions.

How: Try to get enough sleep at night, at least 7-8 hours. If you are caring for someone during the night, get some help from a family member or friend for a night or two so that you can catch up on your sleep. Please speak to your Employee Assistance Provider or a General Practitioner if you are suffering from insomnia.

5. Disconnect when off work: Connecting to work through laptops, smartphones or tablets during personal time can cause an increased in work related stress and fatigue.

How: Keep a separate work phone if possible and turn it off when you are spending time with your family and friends. Do not connect one hour before going to bed as this will stimulate your mind and interfere with your ability to have a good night’s rest.

We hope these tips will help you stay happy at work and wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!

The author, Bhali Gill is an organisational psychologist, executive coach, trainer and writer at Corporate Wellbeing. If you would like to contact her about the post or for any enquires please drop her an email at

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